Deceiving Orbs

As I look at you, I realise that you are talking.  You are always challenging me with your thoughts and opinions, stretching my brain to think outside the box.

But today I am not listening to your words, no, today I am looking deep into your eyes.  They are sad, cold, blue-grey.  Something is not right.  You may tell me, you may not…but I know.

I have seen those eyes change.  They glow bright blue when you are excited, when your life makes sense. I have looked many times into those brilliant blue eyes and felt completely safe.

But today your eyes are deceiving you.  Your voice sounds up-beat and willing, but those blue-grey orbs are telling a different story.

I want, I WISH, that I was the one that could help make them change for good, but alas I do not think I am the one, not now.

You cough, I look, you have stopped talking, I hadn’t noticed, you are now looking at me.  I smile, you smile back and you know what? Those blue-grey eyes change, they brighten! That fantastic blue returns to them, they almost glint!

My smile grows and this time it is my eyes that deceive me; they are vibrant and dancing with hope, I can feel it.

You take my hand, we both stand.  You gently kiss me.  Our eyes meet, locked.

I now know that I can, that I DO, help you change.