I loved you

As I dress, I watch you; fast asleep, not a clue that I have left the comfort of bed and your arms

This is my turn, my choice…

I do the buttons up on my blouse, pull on my skirt and do up my boots, all the while listening to you breathe

Through the crack in the curtains a ray of light lands across your face, you look so peaceful…beautiful

I gather my jewellery and keys, trying not to make a sound

I lean down and kiss you gently upon your lips…if I am strong this may be the last time

I close my eyes as my lips touch yours and I feel a tear roll down my cheek

I stand, wipe the tear away, I cannot let this get to me…I have to go

I put on my coat and open the door…still you have not stirred

As I close the door I do not turn, for I know I will be drawn back, all I say is

‘I loved you…’


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